Small metal parts have many applications in a variety of sectors. A very large number of assembled products usually include small metal components which are either machined or manufactured by precision casting.

Mim Italia offers powder injection moulding as an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional manufacturing processes. Such technology allows to combine maximum freedom in the design of component details, using techniques normally used for plastic materials, with the excellent mechanical properties of the most advanced materials.

Because of this, the reduction of sub-supply costs that can be achieved using a supplier which offers a more cost-effective technology, such as Mim Italia, can become a key success factor.

The following components are examples of what Mim Italia can offer you:
- ball screw parts;
- stainless steel eyewear parts;
- clips for fixed orthodontic braces;
- thread guides, and components for textile machinery;
- belt fasteners, zip fasteners, buckles, watchcases;
- small gears for electric household appliances drives;
- complex gears for articulated tripods;
- hammers, triggers, bolt levers and safety catches for firearms;

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