The market at which this type of products is aimed is very diverse and is mainly made up of a number of niche markets. Small components manufactured with this technology are currently used in a wide range of applications:

- electric household appliances: gears, levers and small mechanical parts

- office equipment: mechanical and magnetic components for CD-ROM drives, printers, typewriters, photocopiers, etc.

- leisure equipment: mechanical components for gardening tools and sporting equipment;

- motor vehicles: small mechanical parts for window lifting devices, steering locks, etc.

- biomedical equipment: surgical instruments, equipment for invasive tests, medical equipment components, components for dental applications and implants

- custom jewellery and gift items: watchcases, bracelets, components for glasses

- defence and firearms supplies: precision mechanical components

- electromagnetic applications: components for magnetic circuits

- electronics: cases and heatsinks for microchips

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