Shell assembly ready for investment casting

The key issue in the manufacturing of small precision metal components is to guarantee the required performance at the lowest possible cost. In most cases, where the components have a simple shape and are made of traditional materials, high-speed turning and milling can achieve the desired objective.

However, in the case of small geometrically complex components, machining can be not only very expensive, but also extremely difficult. When performance is not a limiting factor, Zn + Al + Mg die-casting (or other low-cost alloys) can be an answer. If, however, the component must have special mechanical and chemical properties and production requirements are not very large, precision casting can offer the best solution.

If production requirements are large and dimensional precision must be especially accurate, only metal injection moulding (MIM) can ensure satisfactory reliability at a competitive cost.

MIM technology is more cost-effective than precision casting for all the components that meet the following requirements:
- small size
- very complex geometry
- outstanding mechanical performance.

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